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Top honeymoon place in india-k 2 m

 Kalimpong Honeymoon 

Cool honeymoon locations in India - Kalimpong

Kalimpong is best known for its Buddhist monasteries, exotic plants, colourful bazaars, and spectacular mountain views. It is one of the most picturesque hill stations in the country. It offers superb views of the snow-capped Himalayan peaks like the Kanchenjunga, the Kang, Janu, Chomeo Moh etc. This place is also famous for its flowers especially orchids and cacti. The mountains in the region have several interesting treks and adventure sports enthusiasts can even go river rafting on the Teesta river. There are the meandering river valleys of Git, Rishi, the mighty Teesta and the enchanting Samthar Plateau.

Places of Interest:
One can have a panoramic snow views on the peaks viz. Kanchenjunga, Siniolchu, Paunhari, Lama Anden and Gymochen peaks. However, the best view points are Durpin Dara and Deolo Hill. Zong Dog Palri Fo-Brang Monastery was consecrated personally by the Dalai Lama in 1976. It gives an excellent view for snow and valley. Nature Interpretation Centre focuses on flora, fauna and local people interacting with ecology. Colonial Bungalows were built by British wool traders during the "Raj" period. Army Golf Club on a hillside is an excellent angle for photography. St.Theresa Church: was built by local craftsmen, it has wood carvings adorning the walls, depicting biblical scenes. Flower, orchid and exotic flora nurseries house Gladioli, orchids, cacti, amaryllis, anthuriums, roses, gerberas, dahlias and other exotic plants. Mangal Dhaam, a recently constructed place of worship is a marvellous piece of architecture. Deolo View Point: offers a panoramic view of snow peaks, Kalimpong town and the Teesta Valley.

Places of Interest - Out of Town:
Pedong is a small town (24 kms) it has a monastery built in 1837, of Bhutanese origin. Lava (34 kms), hidden in mists and clouds, a small village, is surrounded by virgin pine forests. It has a lovely monastery of Bhutanese origin and a Nature Interpretation Centre. Its very popular for nature exploration and bird watching. Samthar Plateau (80 kms) is highly scenic and remote plateau. It has breathtaking snow views of the entire range, superb sunrise and sunset, picture post card hamlets, exotic flora, forests, mountain streams, river pools. It offers a welcome break form the maddening crowds of the city. Samco Ropeway (20 kms) ropeway is a thrilling ride over 120 feet over the river with unforgettable views. Teesta Valley (14 kms) is the main drainage of Sikkim, Kalimpong and Darjeeling region. It provides nature walks and river rafting, from base at Chitrey, near Teesta Bazar.

How to get to Kalimpong:
The nearest Airport is Bagdogra (80 kms) which is connected to New Delhi, Guwahati and Calcutta. The nearest railheads are Siliguri (66 kms) and New Jalpaiguri (80 kms) which connect to all parts of India. From New Jalpaiguri, Bagdogra, Siliguri, Darjeeling and Gangtok, taxis, share taxis and busses are available at regular intervals.

It has a moderate climate ranging from between 15°C to 25°C in summer and 7°C to 15°C in winter, making it a popular destination the whole year.

Other specialties:
A Kalimpong based holiday offers a true "Town and Country" holiday, comprising of town delights, relaxation, walking and trekking, forest and flora exploration, bird and butterfly watching, meditation, River Rafting, Mountain Biking, and nature and Culture tours. 

 Kanyakumari Honeymoon 

Nice honeymoon locations in India - Kanyakumari

Kanyakumari which lies in the southern most tip of India, is famous for its majestic and towering hills, beautiful beaches, pristine rivers having crystal clear water and breath taking water falls providing a panoramic view of the place and surroundings. The place has a fragrance of modernity and culture and traditions mixed together in perfect combination and offers a wonderful experience to one and all. Undoubtedly, a visit to this picturesque for a life time to remember after a memorable wedding will leave you mesmerized and full of joy and happiness in the majestic company of each other.

Places of interest:
Mahatma Gandhi Memorial dedicated to the father of nation is a historic monument which once housed the ashes of the Mahatma. Thiruvalluvar Statue dedicated to the famous poet of Tamil Nadu is also a beautiful point of attraction. Vivekananda Rock Memorial is another place in Kanyakumari which attracts large number of tourists. Suchindrum located about 12 km. from Kanyakumari on the bank of the river Pazhayar houses a temple dedicated to Sri Sthanumalayan. Udayagiri fort is another important tourist spot. Mathur Hanging Bridge is the tallest as well as the longest trough bridge in Asia, having a height of 115 feet and a length of one kilometre. Constructed in 1966, this bridge has become a place of tourist importance and hundreds of tourists visit this place. St. Xavier Church is another tourist spot and an annual festival is celebrated during the month of November – December lasting for 10 days. Padmanabhapuram Palace is also very popular among tourists. Pechiparai Dam a popular spot is surrounded by dense forests which are famous for their valuable and exotic trees and rich wild life such as tiger, elephants, deer etc. Tirparappu Water Falls is another important tourist spot and is a must see. Muttom Beach is famous for its beautiful landscaping and high rocks dipping into the sea at the beach-side. The sun set view point at Muttom is one of the most Panoramic view points in the place. Another attraction of Muttom is the century old light-house built by the British. Ulakkai Aruvi is a natural waterfall and attracts tourist from all places. Mukkadal is a natural dam is very picturesque spot and ideal for picnics by groups. Bay Watch (Water Theme Amusement Park) is the water theme amusement park at sunset point and offers a unique way to experience the exotic grandeur of Kanyakumari in its full glory.

How to reach Kanyakumari:
Kanyakumari is connected through air, rail and road network. Nearest Airport is Thiruvananthapuram and is connected through important cities such as Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai, Bangalore. Kanyakumari is also very well with major cities through rail network. Distance from major cities is Delhi (2930 kms), Mumbai (2135 kms), Chennai (755 kms)., Bangalore (806 kms) and Cochin (305 kms.)

Specialties of Kanyakumari:
For honeymooners and tourists looking forward to enjoy the nature at its very best, the place is the paragon of beauty and presents a landscape full with scenic and picturesque extravaganza. The rich and dense flora and fauna, beautiful and pristine beaches, innumerable exotic flowers and wild life in its pure wonderful form provide a lucky escape from the harsh realities of a metro life. 

 Kasauli Honeymoon
Best honeymoon locations in India - Kasauli

It is a serene hill-station in Himachal Pradesh magnificent with breathtaking beauty and panoramic views. This picturesque hill-station oozes old-world charm in every nook and corner. It is covered with tall Deodar, wild flowers, rhododendrons, wild roses, flame of the forest, and flowering Kichnar. It is a popular hub for bird-watchers. The snowfalls in winters are worth watching. Its main attraction lies in its overall cleanliness, tranquil and unruffled hilly areas and its accessibility.

Places to visit in and around Kasouli:
Christ's Church, a reminder of the British Raj is a place worth visiting. The best way to explore the town is by foot and the entire town can be toured in an hour or so. The highest point is Monkey Point, is now with the IAF, commands a panoramic view of the hills, valleys and plains below, with the meandering Sutlej. The two main walks around Kasauli, the Upper and Lower Mall are beautiful. The somewhat steep Upper Mall takes one past an important landmark, the Kasauli Club. Lawrence School at Sanawar, 6 kms away, rich in tradition and a world in itself, also is a major attraction for tourists. The temple of Nahari Devi, which overlooks a waterfall, is also worth a visit. Nothing has so far affected the fall, not the severest drought or driest summer.

The near most airports are Chandigarh (70 kms) and Delhi (315 kims). All major domestic airlines fly between Delhi and Chandigarh. Kasauli is easily accessible through air, road and rail from the other major Indian cities and states. It is a seven hour drive from Delhi (315 kms). The best way to reach Kasauli is to take a train. The nearest railhead is Kalka, from where one can take a cab to Kasauli –only an hour's drive. As it is a cantonment town, entry is restricted. Foreign citizens require to carry their passports.

Best Season, Climate, and Clothing:
Though Kasauli enjoys a pleasant climate throughout the year, the best time to visit Kasauli is between April and June, and September and November when the hill resort beats the heat of the plains. Cotton clothing is apt for the summer months whereas woolens are required for the winters.

It is said that that Kasauli came into being when Lord Hanuman, on his way to getting the Sanjeevani herb, stepped here for jumping on to the Sanjeevani hill. At Kasauli there is a Hanuman Mandir atop the 300-mt high hillock, called Monkey Point, where Hanuman is supposed to have rested his feet.
 Khandala Honeymoon 

Coolest honeymoon locations in India - Khandala

One of the most popular tourist destinations and honey moon spots of Maharashtra, Khandala is the most ideal choice for those looking for natural and scenic beauty, hilly points offering panoramic and breath-taking view, fresh and charming breeze and healthy climate. No doubt honey mooners and tourists will have best of time together in this beautiful place where a number of movies and dance sequences have been shot. The place is abuzz with tourists during seasons and even off season and can be visited due to its ever charming atmosphere, excellent location and wonderful ambience.

How to reach Khandala:
Khandala is located in the western part of India in the state of Maharashtra. It is situated 101 km southeast of Mumbai and 69 km from Pune. Lonavala & Khandala are very well connected by Road and Rail. Every train or car going towards South India from Bombay via Pune has to pass through Lonavala & Khandala. If you want to go by air then as Lonavala & Khandala do not have an Airport, you have to fly to Bombay or to Pune.

Climate and Weather:
Because of its hilly terrain and beautiful climate, weather in Khandala is pleasant most part of the year. Summers (April-June) are mild, while winters are cool (November-February). It experiences heavy southwestern monsoon rains between June and September. The place has its own beauty and charm during monsoon and it is a treat to visit the place during that season. Honey mooners may make a plan to visit the place when monsoons are well in place to enjoy the nature at its best.

Places to visit:
Khandala is famous for a number of spots which can be visited by honey mooners and tourists. The place is endowed with abundant natural beauty and flora and fauna. The picturesque green surroundings of this pretty hill station attract the tourists towards it. The town provides a panoramic view of the lush green hilly environs. They can enjoy the scenic beauty of this place by taking a walk around. There are a number of lakes around Khandala. Tugauli Lake, Lonavala Lake, Pavna lake and Bushi Lake are worth visiting and provide beautiful view and enjoyable boat rides. Walvan Dam is another popular spot frequently visited by tourists. Karla and Bhaja Caves, located in the hills at a distance of 16 km from Khandala, are important get away places and provide natural habitat and solitude for tourists. Rajmachi Park is a beautiful providing breathtaking view. Amruntanjan point also offers excellent view of the valley and is a must see for all visitors. Kune Falls where water comes down from a height of more than 100 feet is most charming and at its best during monsoons. Monkey Hill is another popular spot and is famous for its wonderful sight seeing and excellent panoramic view. Manoranjan Fort, Visapur Fort, Lohagad Fort and Tunga Fort take you back by a few centuries and are a treat for those looking for adventure and trekking experience during their visit.

Specialties of the place:
The best time to visit Khandala is between the months of October and may when the climate is at its very best. Don’t forget to buy Chikki and other local delicacies which are a treat to enjoy. Various hand made paper shops and cottage leather industry provides ready to wear and inexpensive shoes and chappals which you may buy during your visit

 Kodaikonal Honeymoon 

Coolest honeymoon locations in India - kodaikonal

Kodaikanal indeed one of the most beautiful places in the world is the most ideal location for most of you honeymooners to spend some quality time together. The green and lush cool environment coupled with fresh breeze and splendid views would definitely make you the happiest couple together in the lap of nature. So all those who love nature and of course who love their better half, pack your stuff and be on the first flight to reach this magnificent place.

The charm of Kodaikanal lies in its beautiful slopes, lush green trees and mighty rocks The vast expanse of lands and long stretches of forests and beautiful spots are a source of joy, delight and thrill to onlookers. The arduous climb to the Pillar rocks, to a height of 400 ft, is a must for every tourist to this hill resort.

How to reach Kodaikanal:
Kodaikainal is well connected by air and road network. Airports at Madurai (121 kms) and Coimbatore (135 Kms) are the nearest ones. Kodai Road railway Station (80 kms) and palani railway station (64 kms) are the railway stations. Kodaikanal is connected by road with all-important towns. Regular bus services are available from Kodaikkanal to Madurai, Palani, Kodaikanal Road, Theni, Dinidigul, Thiruchirapalli, Kumili, Erode, Bangalore and Coimbatore. Taxis and Vans are available. Limited city buses are available.

Places of Interest:
Kodai has numerous places of interest for tourists and honey mooners. The beautiful Lake is the focal point in Kodai. Bryant's park situated on the eastern side of the lake. Is famous for its exotic flora and fauna. Solar Physical Observatory situated 32 kms. from the lake is the highest point in Kodai. Kurinji Andavar Temple temple situated 3 kms from the lake is a famous shrine dedicated to lord Muruga. Telescope House at Coakers Walk was constructed to enable visitors to have a panoramic view of the valley and nearby towns. Green valley View is about 5.5 kms from the lake and very near the Golf Club. This point commands a beautiful view of the entire Vaigai Dam. As the valley here is very deep, dense and dangerous this place was once known as “Suicide point.”

Shenbaganur Museum, Silver Cascade, Moer Point, Silent Valley, Berijam Lake Thalaiyar Falls, are other beautiful spots worth visiting. Honey mooners can also enjoy Excursions at Dindigul housing a beautiful fort.

Climate and clothing:
Light Woolens in the evening during summer and heavy woolens during winter. April to June and September to October are the best seasons to visit the place. 

 Kochin Honeymoon 

Top honeymoon locations in India - Kochi

Kochi (Cochin):
Kochi, the Queen of the Arabian Sea, is one of the important towns when it comes to visiting in southern part of India. It offers the nature lovers the beauty of coconut palms and endless blue sea waters mushrooming all around. It houses few of the most beautiful beaches, churches, forts and museums which are considered to be prime tourist destinations. One can relax in its backwaters away from the crowded world.

Major Attractions of Kochi (Cochin):
When it comes to Forts & Palaces, the options are Mattancherry Palace ( Dutch Palace) which displays beautiful Murals depicting scenes from the epics, Ramayana and Mahabharata, Gundu Island, the magnificent 16th century Pallipuram Fort, Bolghatty Palace, a Scenic island near the city of Ernakulam, Bolghatty, was once the residence of the British resident of Kochi (Cochin). For the tourists who like churches, though the options are many but Churches Santa Cruz Basilica, monumental church having beautiful paintings on the ceiling, attracts many people. For the lovers of beaches whom you will find everywhere, Beaches Cherai Beach is a lovely beach bordering Vypeen Island and is ideal for swimming. If you are lucky enough, you can even see Dolphins here. A typical Kerala village with paddy fields and coconut groves in close proximity is an added attraction of this beach. The place has many museums viz. Museums Hill Palace Museum, Pareekshith Thampuran Museum etc. Then there is a Vypeen Island which is a magnificent lighthouse at Ochanthuruth, remains open from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm daily.

Excursions of Kochi (Cochin) :
Once you are through with the city, you can roam around to enjoy the beauty of the surrounding places. Alappuzha Beach (70 km) known as the Venice of the East, is famous for its boat races, houseboat holidays, beaches, marine products and coir industry. An outstanding characteristic of this land is Kuttanad which is one of the few places in the world where farming is done below sea level. Kalady is located on the banks of the river Periyar, is famous for its many temples. Aluva (20 km) is just north of Kochi, is situated on the banks of the river Periyar. Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary, Thekkady (190 km), one of the largest wildlife reserves in India, is more popular as a tiger reserve. Boating lovers can enjoy a fancy boat ride on the marvelous waters of the Periyar Lake. Backwaters Kumarakom (88 km) situated on the banks of the Vembanad Lake is considered the gateway to the backwaters of Kuttanad. Cheeyappara Waterfalls are located between Neriamangalam and Adimali on the Kochi - Madurai highway. Thommankuthu Waterfalls (20 kms) is a small and beautiful, wild waterfall. The wild beauty of the scenic waterfall will steal the heart of any body.

How to Get There:
By air, Kochi is connected with all major cities in India. Kochi has three main railway stations, viz. Ernakulam Junction, Ernakulam Town and Harbour Terminus on Willingdon Island. Kochi is very well serviced by a network of national and state highways again connecting it to all major centres of the area via Taxis, city buses and autorickshaws. Ferry service is also available for travel between the island towns.

Best Season, Climate and Clothing:
As it is situated very close to the sea, it has a moderate climate, with heavy rains during June-August due to the southwest monsoon. Winter is in its full blossom from December and continues till February. In summer, the temperature rises to a maximum of 35°C and 25°C in the winters. Annual average rainfall is 310 cm.

Specialties of this place:
Kochi has been an important trading port since ancient times. Plenty of opportunities for the tourists who love to adore their home with Handicrafts items. They also make for good souvenirs.

 Lakshadweep Honeymoon 

Top Honeymoon Island - Lakshadweep

The Emerald Island of Lakshadweep: Water-water all around. Bright and clear as liquid glass. This place is full of lush coconut groves, tranquil lagoons and long stretches of white sun-drenched beaches where the only sounds are the those of crash of waves and the breeze blowing through the palm trees. Tourists and honey mooners will find the nature here in unspoilt, undisturbed and serene form. The spectacular marine life is worth a watch or sleeping by the sea with only night sky covering you. This place holds the peace and natural beauty like no other place. If you want to have a tranquil beach holiday then this is the best destination. The place won't let your expectation to go down. The tourists are attracted by wild sea and the virtuous nature. This place is perfect honeymoon terminus. The romantic ambience attracts lots of newly wed couples.

What to see:
Tourist Attractions in Lakshwadeep are manifold. This place is a cluster of island floating on the south-western part of Indian mainland viz. Kavaratti, Kalpeni, Kadmat, Minicoy and Bangaram. All of them are ideal for fishing, yachting, diving, snorkeling, and deep sea fishing. Each island has some new to offer to her visitors. So be prepared for every surprise.

There are lot of things to do here. The water sports are the major attraction and the scenic beauty adds a different dimension to the island. The green vegetation and the blue water of the sea make a wonderful combination. There are plenty of dive Sites. Around Kadmat Island, surrounded on the eastern and western side by the lagoon, is a haven of solitude. There are ethereal moments of pure wonder. You can enjoy the dive amongst turtles as resplendent as their surroundings. Sting Ray City gives a 21 meter dive along the sand dunes, abundant with Sting Rays. Cross Currents is located between the islands of Amini and Kadmat. Jack Point is a drift dive between 21-30 meters with different types of fish like Jack Fish and King Fish. East Channel is located between 9-20 meters an abundance of soft coral and tuna. Around Bangaram Island there is a tear-drop shaped island surrounded by a continuous strip of creamy sand. The temperate blue-green waters of the Indian Ocean are an irresistible invitation to the scuba diving fraternity of the world. The wreck of the Princess Royal at 32 meters, sunk in a battle over two hundred years ago. The dive sites Manta Point, Shark Point and The Wall are worth a try. Bangaram is a place on the edge of the world where you will like in paradise. The coco-palm flora, the silvery beaches with rich and colorful marine life makes a perfect holiday destination.

Best time to visit here is between November and May. It is warm throughout the year and monsoon comes in the month of October and November.

Getting There:
Situated in the Arabian Sea, 400 kilometers off the coast of Kerala, it can be reached by a twenty-hour sea journey from Cochin. Indian Airlines flies from Cochin to Agatti island. On arrival at Agatti, you will be transferred to either Bangaram or Kadmat Island by private resort boats. Don’t forget to book both your inbound and outbound tickets well in advance. There is a ship service that taken about 20 hours to reach Lakshadweep from Cochin. 

 Mahabaleshwar Honeymoon 

Top honeymoon locations in India - Mahabaleshwar

One of the most popular tourist destinations and honey moon spots of Maharashtra, Mahabaleshwar is the most ideal choice for those looking for natural beauty, hilly points offering panoramic and breath-taking view, fresh and charming breeze and healthy climate. No doubt honey mooners will have best of both the worlds in this wonderful and yet peaceful place. The place is abuzz with tourists during seasons and even off season, it can be visited due to its ever charming atmosphere. DISTANCES AND SEASON: Mumbai to Mahabaleshwar via Mahad is 220 kms Mumbai to Pune is 180 kms & further Pune to Mahabaleshwar is 120 kms. However the route via Pune through expressway is also a tourist delight and it is ideal to book a taxi/take your own vehicle via this route to enjoy its full beauty. Mahabaleswar is having vast green area of about 150 sq. kms and every bit of it is a paradise for nature lovers.

The place abounds in a number of sigh seeing points which honey mooners and tourists can visit. It is advisable to have your own vehicle/ hire a local cab to see alt these points in their full glory. Wilson Point- Also called as Sunrise point offers breathtaking view of sunrise. Connaught peak which is the second highest point presents panoramic view of lush green scenery.

Elphiston point:
which is the first point of the place offers beautiful view of two valleys, koyna on the left & savitri on the right. Arthur's Seat which is the queen of all points offers wonderful view of deep waters of the dhom dam. There is also an echo point. Northcote Point, Falkland Point, Carnac Point, Fitzgerald Point, Bombay Point, Ludwick Point & Boars Head, Panchgani Point, Helen's Point, Rosamond Rock are the other points which can be seen and enjoyed. Water Falls Chinamans, Lingmala & Dhobi waterfalls flow in abundance during the rainy season and are a treat to watch.

Mahabaleshwar is a tourist delight in terms of choices available for tourists and honey mooners. Accommodation of all types from luxury resorts and hotels to modest guest houses are available. During seasons, it is advisable to do a advanced booking in view of great rush.

An evergreen vast plateau with long beautiful and well built roads, horse rides, amazing water falls, rivers, ancient temple amidst lust green forest. fruits like strawberries, raspberries, boating in Venna lake. Everything is so nice and beautiful about this place that just by being at this wonderfully endowed place leaves you spell bound and with a heart warming desire to come back again. 

 Manali Honeymoon 

Top honeymoon locations in India - Manali

Manali:, one of the principal snow places of the Kullu region, is indeed one of the most romantic spots for honeymooners. It offers a breath taking, lavish display of natural scenery and natural beauty which makes it a prime holiday destination. The place is full of high mountains shrouded by silent snows, thick forests filled with cool breezes, bird song and fields of wild flowers. Indeed, the experience for all you newly weds is heavenly and unforgetful for the rest of your life. So after all the hustle and bustle of a hectic wedding, it is the time to be selfish and enjoy a serene holiday in the lap of luxury of this beautiful town.

Major attractions: The major tourist attractions in Manali are Hadimba Temple, a superbly crafted four tiered pagoda roof, it is famous for its exquisitely carved doorway, Manu Temple, is dedicated to the sage Manu, Vashishth, is Well known for its hot springs and old temples dedicated to the sage Vashishth and to Lord Rama, Club House, with its comprehensive facilities include a roller skating rink, an auditorium, a billiards room, a library, a bar and restaurants, Vashisth Baths, is a must visit while in Manali. It is a place to luxuriate in baths where the water of hot sulphur springs renowned for their medicinal qualities has been piped into baths-including private deluxe ones.

Signtseeing Tours: During the season, Himachal Tourism conducts sighseeing tours in luxury coaches from Manali. The various tours includes Towards the Rohtang Pass, on the road to Keylong is the Nehru kund (6 km) which is a clear water spring and scenic spot named after the late Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru, Kothi (12 km) is a picturesque village and has a thrilling view of the deep gorge through which the Beas swiftly races, Rahalla falls (16 km) are a crucial link on the old trade route and still, the gateway to trans-Himalayan Lahaul. The is surrounded by so many temples viz. Raghunathji Temple (1 km), Vaishno Devi Temple (4 km), Jagannath Temple (3 km) and Jagatsukh (6km) where one can go and offer prayers while enjoying the beauty of the hills and valleys.

Transport: The nearest airport is located at Bhuntar which is 10 kms from Kullu and 50 km from Manali where taxis and buses are available. It is connected by Vayudoot services with Delhi and Chandigarh. The closest most convenient narrow railhead is at Jogindernagar (126 kms from Kullu & 166 kms from Manali), Chandigarh (397 kms from Kullu and 357 kms from Manal) and Ambala (355 km). Kullu and Manali both the places are on the National Highway No. 21. By road the distance from Delhi via Mandi is 585 km, and from Shimla the distance is 270 km. Motorable roads and regular bus services connect Manali with Shimla, Chandigarh and Delhi.

The specialties of the Places: The major specialties of Manali for the adventurous tourist are its sports, fishing and trekking facilities which lie in abundance here. Institute of Mountaineering & Allied Sports, Manali organizes training courses, both basic and advanced, in hiking, mountaineering, skiing, water sports and mountain rescues. The Kullu valley offers ample opportunities for fishing in the river Beas & its larger tributaries but one must remember taking license for the same. Kullu-Manali, together with Lahaul-Spiti, offers possibly the best trekking opportunities. So what are you waiting for? Give your self an exciting time together and be there right away.

 Manipur Honeymoon 

Top honeymoon locations in India - Manipur

So you have planned your wedding with perfection and every little thing has been taken care of. But what about your honeymoon? Of course with so many time tested and popular options, you can go to any place. But do you really want to spend perhaps the best time of your life at any place? If you want to enjoy some time together in one of the most picturesque states of India then Manipur is the place to be in. The beauty of the virgin place has to be seen to be believed and this wonderful yet untapped tourist spot is perhaps the most ideal place for all nature lovers and adventurous kind. So switch off your mobiles and jet set and go to this wonderful yet virgin place for a life time to remember and you will not be disappointed.

The place with its rich cultural heritage, breath taking heights, beautiful waterfalls, luxurious lush green carpets, exotic flora and fauna is a paradise for honey mooners and tourists. 

Places of interest:
Imphal- the capital of Manipur is the beautiful land of blue-green hills having a lush green forest cover with thick grass and a cascade of exotic flowers and flora and fauna which will leave you spell bound. Beautiful rivers with pristine clean water will charm you in no small measure. In Imphal tourists can visit places such as Govindajee Temple, Shaheed Minarin, Tikendrajit Park, War Cemetry, State Museum and Khwairamband Bazaar which are very popular tourist attraction. If you are looking for a visit to a green park then Iroishemba zoological park is the ideal destination for you. Khonghampat Orchidarium houses more than 120 species of orchids which are some of the rarest orchids in the world. Bishnupur is famous for its conical roofed temple and is dedicated to Lord Krishna. Moirang town is one of the main seats of early Manipuri folk culture with the ancient temple. INA Museum has on display photographs, articles, records and other memorabilia related to the Indian National Army during the freedom struggle. Loktak Lake & Sendra Island a fresh water lake and attracts many species of birds. Keibul Lamjao National Park is the only floating National Park in the world and is a treat to watch. Ukhrul which is situated at a distance of around 85 kms. away is the highest hill station of the state and offers panoramic and breathtaking view of mountains and hills with lush green surroundings. 

How to reach Manipur:
Manipur because of its tourist appeal is well connected by air route. You can take a flight to Imphal from Calcutta, Dimapur, Silchar, Guwahati and Delhi. If you are taking a train route then Dimapur which is 215 kms from Imphal is the nearest railhead for Manipur. For those taking a road route, regular buses ply between Dimapur and Imphal. Normally it takes about 8-9 hours to reach Imphal. Imphal is connected by a network of roads with all the important cities of North Eastern India. Some important distances are Kohima 123 kms, Dimapur 216 kms, Agartala 465 kms, Guwahati 579 kms, Aizwal 374 kms, Kaziranga 346 km, Shillong 643 kms, Itanagar 423 kms.

Specialties of place:
Manipur perhaps is one of the few tourists spots which has an alluring atmosphere of mystery and silence. Also described by as the 'Switzerland of India', Manipur is lavishly endowed with exotic landscape having lush green mountains, beautiful valleys, blue pristine lakes and dense forests. It is the sheer tranquility enveloping it, interrupted only by a soft breeze, that sets it apart from other more popular tourist spots. People here are accommodative and hospitable. You just have to show respect to the local culture and traditions and you will have a wonderful time amidst nature at its very best. 


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