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 Mount Abu Honeymoon 

Top honeymoon locations in India - Mount Abu

Mount Abu is a welcome retreat away from the extreme climate of Rajasthan. The only hill station in the otherwise desert and barren land of Rajasthan offers a welcome respite from the harsh climate of Rajasthan with is rich flora and fauna, beautiful climate and wonderful places. Mount Abu has a disarming charm of its own that enchants every one and leaves everyone all and one visiting the city spell bound and speechless. The cool and pleasant environment of the place creates a perfect ambience for peace and tranquility, most ideal for honey mooners wanting to have some time of their own after their hectic marriage and preparations.

Dilwara Temple it consists of five elegantly carved Jain Temple made of white marble. These temples date back to the time immemorial and are dedicated to Jain Teerthankaras. Nakki Talav This sparkling blue artificial lake is the nerve center of Mount Abu. It is said to have gauged from the earth by the gods, using their fingernails. View Points Mount Abu has countless points that offer magnificent views across the plains. The best among them include Honeymoon Point and Sunset Point.

The city is very well connected through all networks. By Air: Udaipur (185 km) is the nearest airport. Taxis and buses are available to reach Mount Abu. By Rail : Abu Road (29 km) is the nearest railhead linked with Ahmedabad, Delhi, Jaipur and Jodhpur. By Road : Abu is well connected with Udaipur (185 km), Ahmedabad (221 km) and Jodhpur (326 km).

The place offers excellent facilities ranging from modest budget hotels and guest houses to luxurious 5 star hotels. Accommodation is generally available. However it is preferable to do an advance booking during seasons lasting from mid March to June and September to December. Do not forget to take woolens during winter which is very chilly and cottons during summers.

Mount Abu is not only a holiday retreat but an experience in itself, which would make you like the place immensely. Sprint seasons is the most ideal for visiting the place as the city comes alive with various festivities that are sure to leave you spellbound. 


 Mussoorie Queen of Hills 

op honeymoon locations in India - Mussoorie Hills

Mussoorie, indeed one of the most romantic spots for honeymooners offers a breath taking, lavish display of natural scenery and natural beauty which makes it a prime holiday destination. The place is full of high mountains shrouded by exotic flora and fauna silent, thick forests filled with cool and natural breeze, which invigorates one and all. Indeed, the experience for all you newly weds is heavenly and unforgetful for the rest of your life. So after all the hustle and bustle of a hectic wedding, it is the time to bea little selfish and enjoy a serene holiday in the lap of luxury of this beautiful town.

Attractions of Mussoorie:
Mussoorie is endowed with various places of interests which can be visited by tourists and honey mooners. Gunhill point is a frequently visited place by one and all and provides a panoramic view of the entire place in its full glory. It is a very beautiful hilly point with cool breeze mesmerizing you honeymooners and striking a cord within you. Mussoorie is also blessed with a number of water falls and Kempty fall is the most popular of the lot. It is the biggest and prettiest waterfall and a leisure bath in the fall is enjoyable and an unforgettable experience. Besides Bhatta falls, Jharipani falls are also popular among honey mooners and tourists. Mosey fall offers a wonderful walk amidst lush green forests and is a great experience to enjoy. A number of lakes with pristine clear water also offer a delightful experience for one and all. Lake mist is the most popular and boating facilities here are excellent. Municipal garden is picnic spot having a beautiful garden and an artificial mini lake with paddled boating facility mussoorie lake offers a enchanting view of Doon Valley and nearby villages. View during Night is marvelous and breath taking. Children lodge is the highest peak of Mussoorie. The view of snow-clad mountains is exhilarating and invigorating. Benog mountain quail sanctuary spread over an area of 340 hectares is famous for the extinct bird species Mountain Quail.

How to reach Mussorie:
Mussoorie is well connected through air and road network. One can take a flight upto Jolly Grant Airport, which is around 58 kms. From Mussoorie. The nearest railhead is Dehradun which is 34 Kms. from Mussoorie. It is the Northern Railway terminus connected to all major cities such as New Delhi, Mumbai, Howrah, Lucknow, Varanasi, Amritsar, Saharanpur, Haridwar, Rishikesh, Allahabad, Ujjain, Indore, Kathgodam, Okha. Besides one can also take bus services from various important places. Various luxury bus services are available from Delhi which take a picturesque route to reach the place. Distance from major places is around 35 Kms {Dehradun}, 290 Kms {New Delhi} 355 Kms {Nanital}

Best Season, Climate, and Clothing:
Just like any other hill resort of India, the best time to visit Mussoorie is during the summer months and during the period just before the onset of winters. The months from April to June and again from September to October see a large number of tourists flocking to Mussoorie. Cotton clothing is ideal for the summer months and light woolens are required during winters. Winters are very chilly and require heavy to very heavy woolens.

Specialties of Mussoorie:
The hill resort of Mussoorie often referred to as the "Queen of the Hills" is indeed one of the most popular honey moon spots in India. The place offers everything to everyone. With its beautiful lakes, water falls, excursion points, hills offering breathtaking and panoramic view of the surroundings, there is no time to waste. Just pack your bags and jet, set and go to this beautiful place for a life time to remember. 


 Munnar Honeymoon 

Top honeymoon locations in India - Munnar

Munnar is famous for its thriving green surroundings, lakes, reservoirs, forests and tea plantations. In other words, this place has everything, a honeymoon goer is longing for. One can relax in the lap of Nature with quiet and calm surroundings. Not only it is one of the highest tea estates in the world, it is also famous for the Neelakurinji, an exotic blue flowering plant which blossoms once in 12 years only. Tourists can not only have panoramic view of the luxuriant surroundings and hills from here but also enjoy enjoy walking amongst the numerous tea estates.

Major attractions:
There are a number of tourist attractions in the hill station of Munnar. The Christ Church, built of stone is an important place to visit. Echo Pointcho Point has a natural echo phenomenon and offers panoramic views. Eravikulam National Park is a sanctuary stands out for the stark beauty of its rolling grasslands and shoals. Mattupetty Lake and Dam is a beautiful picnic spot with the panoramic view of the tea plantations and the lake. One can also enjoy boating here. Kodaikanal, is a fantastic high mountain vistas from where one can see the neighbouring state of Tamil Nadu.

Excursions from the Munnar:
The places one can visit around Munnar are plenty. Marayoor (40 km) is the only known place in Kerala with a natural forest of sandalwood trees. Pallivasal (8km), the venue of the first Hydro Electric project in Kerala, is place of enormous scenic beauty. Attukal (9km) offers a panorama of waterfalls and rolling hills, is also ideal for long treks. Nayamakad (10km) is a land of scintillating waterfalls. The enchanting surroundings makes an excellent picnic spot and ideal trekking point. Chithirapuram (10km) is a small village with little cottages, bungalows, old playgrounds and courts. This small hill town is also famous for its picturesque tea plantations. Lock Heart Gap (13km) is the place for people longing for trekking. One can enjoy fresh air flowing from the mist clad hills along with a panoramic view. Rajamala (15km) lures the travellers with its irresistible grace and beauty.

How to get there:
It is very well connected by all means of transport. One can reach here by air via a number of airports viz. Kochi (139km), Madurai(142km) Coimbatore(167km), Kozhikode(287km), Thiruvananthapuram(302km). The city is also well connected by trains with important cities like Kerala, Trivandrum, Chennai, Delhi. The journey by road is equally convenient for the people who enjoy driving.  There is a well-developed network of road transport. Munnar can be accessed by road from Kottayam (147 km), Thekkady (110 km), Madurai (160 km) and Thrissur (158 km).

Other specialties:
It is wonderland for coffee and spice lovers. Good quality coffee and spices like cinnamon, cloves, cardamom and pepper are avilable here. 


 Mysore Honeymoon 

Top honeymoon locations in India - Mysore

Mysore or Mahishasur, as it was called in ancient times is a place of royal grandeur and grand glory. Mysore, once the capital city of the Wodeyars, the princely rulers of the estate in olden times has always enchanted its admirers with its serenity and wonderful charm, rich and royal cultural heritage and traditions dating back to a few centuries, magnificent and lavish palaces, beautifully laid-out gardens, broad shady avenues and sacred temples. The place, an important city of the Indian state of Karnataka, is an ideal fusion of ancient and rich traditions, cultural extravaganza and modernity and advancement and has a capacity to touch the cord of one and all who visit this beautiful place.

Major attractions at Mysore:
Mysore Palace is one of the most important sights in Mysore and is a treasure house of exquisite carvings and artifacts from all over the world. The majestic Durbar Hall, the magnificent jewel studded golden throne of the Wodeyars will leave you spell bound with its grandeur. Chamundi Hills offers a panoramic view of Mysore's lakes, parks and palaces and is a must visit. Brindavan Gardens are spread over an area of around 150 acres and are a treat to watch. St. Philomena's Church is a beautiful Cathedral, reminiscent of medieval architectural style and is one of the largest churches in the country. Mysore Zoo is famous for its flora and fauna and exotic species which are housed in lush, green surroundings. Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens, which has emerged as one of finest zoos in the country to breed a wide range of animals in captivity.

Around Mysore:
Daria Daulat Bagh which was the palace of Tipu Sultan is now a national monument housing various mementos and artifacts. Mysore Fort is another tourist spot. Himvad Gopalaswamy Hills is a popular hill resort and a trekker's delight as well. Melkote situated 50 Kms. north of Mysore, is a sacred pilgrim centre, known for its Vairamundi festival in March-April. Talakad 48 Kms from Mysore is situated on the banks of the river Cauvery and is completely buried beneath sand dunes. Only the Dravidian style Vaidyeshwara temple is visible above the ground.. Nagarhole National Park 93 kms.from Mysore, is a National Park and is an abode for a rich variety of wildlife such as elephants, antelopes and leopards. B.R. Hills which is a picturesque hill range, is 120 kms. from Mysore and is home to a rich variety of flora and fauna..

How to reach Mysore:
Mysore is very well connected by air, road and rail network. Road journey is a memorable one and Bangalore, Madras, Mangalore, Coimbatore, Ooty, Cannanore, Calicut and Panaji connect to the city by road.

Due to tourist attraction, Mysore has some of the most beautiful hotels and resorts suiting all budgets. One can do an advance booking or get it done after reaching there. However during festivals, it is advisable to do the booking in advance. Specialties of Mysore.

Mysore is famous for carved sandalwood artifacts, pure silk sarees and incense. You have the option of shopping at the world famous Cauvery Handicrafts Emporium or in the little back streets and by lanes that offer exciting bargains and value for money items. 


 Nagaland Honeymoon 

Top honeymoon locations in India - Nagaland

Nagaland has everything for a perfect holiday for the honeymooners because of its magnificent yet unexplored and virgin dense forests having exotic flora and fauna and natural beauty at its very best. The place with its numerous river streams of pristine clean water, cool healthy air, attractive and peaceful surroundings offers ideal treat for those seeking adventure and fair amount of love in the fresh air. Amen

Climate at Nagaland ranges from pleasant during summer (March to June) to Chilly and cold during winters (October to February). The place attracts fair amount of rain fall during rainy seasons (July to September). 

AIR- Capital Dimapur is connected by Indian Airlines flights with Guwahati, Delhi, Calcutta, Imphal and Jorhat. RAIL Dimapur lies on the North East frontier railway which is connected with Delhi, Calcutta, Guwahati and Tinsukia. ROAD Dimapur is connected by good motorable roads with Kohima 74 kms, Kaziranga 155 kms, Imphal 220 kms, Guwahati 292 kms, Shillong 365 kms and Calcutta 1442 kms.

Kohima Situated at 1500metres above sea level, Kohima is one of the most beautiful place of North East. Being a true representative of Nagaland it depicting the most exotic tribal culture and traditions. In Kohima One can visit the following places: War Cemetery It is a beautiful and heart touching symbolic memorial raised as citation for the supreme sacrifices made by the officers during the Second World War. The Nagaland State Museum It is a one stop treasure house for a glimpse into Naga culture, history and traditions. Catholic Cathedral This cathedral at the Aradura hill is an important landmark in Kohima and is one of the biggest Cathedrals. People in Nagaland are friendly and hospitable and please pay respect to their traditions and rich culture.

For excursions and trekking KHONOMA VILLAGE : 20 kms towards the west of Kohima is the ideal choice for expeditions. Intangki Wildlife Sanctuary (37 kms) is ideal for those who love wild life and want to amidst nature in its purest form.

One of the smallest states of the Indian Union, Nagaland is almost unexplored, as far as tourist destinations are concerned. The place has a sporty yet traditional ambience and is ideal for adventurous and romantic couples alike. The lush and virgin greenery of the place would leave spell bound and speech less. The main rivers that flow through Nagaland are Dhansiri, Doyang, Dikhu and Jhanji and their pristine clean water would make you like the place even more. So be on the journey of your life to be here. Bon voyage.

 Nainital Honeymoon 

Top honeymoon locations in India - Nainital

For all those looking to spend some quality time together after a hectic wedding and long and tiring preparations, it is time to pack your bags and leave to the cool environment of Nainital. The laid back town with its cool and pious climate, breath taking and panoramic views of mountains and ample flora and fauna is the ideal place for honeymooners to simply enjoy the majestic company of each other without the hectic deadlines, traffic and interruptions. So switch off your mobiles and jet set and go to this wonderful yet relatively peaceful and scenic place for a life time to remember. Nainital is set around a tal or lake and is endowed with cottage-like houses, steep and lush green mountains which are a treat to watch.

Tourists Attraction:
BHIMTAL which is around 22 kms from Nainital and is located in a beautiful pristine valley is the most beautiful lake and favourite picnic spot. KHUPRATAL is another popular lake and picnic spot. SATTAL or a group of seven lakes offers a breathtaking view of the natural beauty at its very best and in pristine form. NAKUCHIYATAL :- which is surrounded by dense and lush green forest provides wonderful escape from humdrum pace of the city life. KILBURY is popular for its exotic flora and fauna and bird watching. It also/ offers a scenic and panoramic view of Himalayas. RANIKHET, a beautiful hill resort is about 63 km from Nainital and offers a joyous walk through rich forests enchanting and mesmerizing you with its beautiful and scenic beauty. For those looking for a little bit of adventure during their stay, CORBETT NATIONAL PARK brings you closer to wild life and tigers.

How to reach Nainital :
Nainital is very well connected by rail and road network. The nearest domestic Airport is Palam Airport at New Delhi. Kathgodam which is just 34 km away from Nainital is the nearest railway terminus and is connected with New Delhi, Calcutta & Lucknow by train services. Lalkuan is 60 Kms from Nainital which is connected to Bareilly, Agra & Lucknow by narrow gauge. There are a number of direct buses to Nainital from Delhi, Lucknow and major cities It takes around 8 hrs to reach Nainital from New Delhi.

Best Season, Climate, and Clothing:
The best time to visit any hill resort in India including Nainital is certainly the summer months from March to June. The months of September and October are also pleasant to be visited. Though the monsoon season in between from end of June to August should be aoided. Cotton clothing is apt for summers and light woolens suffice for winters. Peak winters during December and January are chilly and heavy woolens are require for the season.

Specialties of Nainital:
Perhaps the main attraction of the visitors coming to Nainital is the excellent boating facilities the pace offers in a number of lakes with their clear, pristine and blue water. The beauty of the place lies in its simplicity and natural beauty which is a treat to enjoy away from the hustle and bustle of other tourist attractions and spots. So those looking for a tourist spot which offers cool and calm environment, Nainital is the place to go.

 Ooty Honeymoon 

Top honeymoon locations in India - Ooty

For all those looking to spend some wonderful time together after a hectic wedding and long and tiring preparations, it is time to pack your bags and leave to the cool environment of Ooty, also called the queen of hill stations. It is indeed one of the most exotic and picturesque holiday destinations in Tamil Nadu. The place is also famous for endless number of bollywood movies which have been shot here in miles and miles of tea gardens and breath taking mountains. The laid back town with its breath taking views of mountains, dense forests, grasslands and tea gardens is the ideal place for honeymooners to simply enjoy the majestic company of each other without the hectic deadlines, traffic, pollution and interruptions. So switch off your mobiles and jet set and go to this wonderful place for a life time to remember.

Tourist Attractions:
This place is a tourist delight and honey mooners ever tested destination. The Botanical Garden, full of shady trees, myriad exotic plants and flowers is a treat to watch. Don’t forget to take a snap of you together in this wonderfully maintained place. Dodabetta Peak and Wenlock Downs are visible from the Botanical Gardens. Here the main appeal for tourists is the fossilized tree trunk here, which is more than a million year old and takes you to a different era. Ooty Lake, the artificial lake is ideal for boating and spending some quality time together. Other popular picnic spots are Ninth mile and Sandy Nallah, which have been extensively and frequently used for film shoots.

Other Places around Ooty:
Besides Ooty, other nearby places worth visiting are Coonoor, Kodaikanal, Mysore, Coimbatore and the Mudumalai wildlife sanctuary. While, Coonoor and Kodaikanal are popular hill stations in the Nilgiris. Coimbatore is a place with temples and monuments besides being a commercial center, famous for its textile industry. The Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary is ideal for those who love wild life and want to be in company of true natural environment and adventure.

By Air- Coimbatore is the nearest airport to Ooty is at a distance of about 90 kms. By Rail: The Ooty railway station is merely 2kms from the City Center and the other railway station is 46km away at Mettupalayam. There is also a toy train that connects Ooty with Mettupalayam and Coonoor, another famous hill station. Though it is not really the fastest way to get there, but the guests can enjoy scenic beauty all along the way. By Road: Traveling by road is the most popular option with excellent road network. Frequent buses ply between Bangalore and Ooty and other places also.

Ooty is a picturesque hill station that is pleasant all through the year, so best thing about the place is that any time is a good time to visit here. Ooty organizes a number of carnivals all through the year. The most popular among them are the annual Tea and Tourism Festival in January, Ooty Mariamman festival in April and May attracts crowds in huge numbers. Various Boat Races, Summer Festival and Dog Shows are organized during the festivals. Ooty with its serenity and absolutely breath-taking views and panoramic scenery of the place is the ideal place for honey mooners and tourists. The beautiful town would undoubtedly make you long to come back here again and again even after your first honeymoon.

 Pondicherry Honeymoon 

Top honeymoon locations in India - Pondicherry

A tiny town on the eastern coast of India, Pondicherry houses some of the country's most spectacular beaches and endearing backwaters offer interesting river cruises. The sparkling sandy beaches are absolutely isolated and tourists and honey mooners can enjoy endless miles of beautiful blue waters in solitude. Away from the hustle and bustle of big city, it is a quiet little town with the quaint colonial heritage buildings, the spiritual scene and a wide choice of restaurants provide a heady mix that draw tourists from all over the places. This place has a distinct spiritual vibration and a special ambience which makes it all the more unique.

Places of attraction: Pondicherry has a wealth of heritage buildings of both French and Tamil architectural styles. The grid patterned layout of town divides the town into two distinct settlements. The French section is on the east of the canal while the Tamil section is essentially on the western side. As it is a small laid back place, it is pleasant to explore this place on foot.

Aurobindo Ashram, since its establishment almost a century back has played a significant role in the socio-economic-spiritual fabric of Pondicherry. The Ashram and its various branches together occupy some of the best heritage properties in Puducherry. The ‘Ashram Walk’ covers the northern section of French Pondicherry, taking you through many grand buildings of French lineage, including the Raj Nivas, French Institute. The buildings in French section of Pondicherry are an enduring legacy of French history in India. The French Heritage walk will take you through streets that are laid out in a well planned grid pattern. The buildings in the Tamil streets are characterized by rows of tiled roofed buildings almost joined together by continuous wall to wall constructions. A synthesis of these two styles has resulted in a town that has a unique ‘Franco Tamil’ architectural identity.

How to reach: The closest airport is in Chennai (135 kms) which has well laid connections with almost all cities in India and direction connection to Europe, USA, Middle East and South East Asia. Trichy (220 kms), Bangalore (320 kms) and Madurai are the other nearby airports. Though Puducherry is on the rail map journey by train to and from Puducherry is not very popular. Villupuram is the nearest station well connected to places like Chennai, Madurai and Trichy. It is best accessible by road, either by bus or by taxi. There are frequent buses to this place from places like Chidambaram, Thanjavur Trichy and Coimbatore. It is best accessible by road from Chennai, Bangalore, Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala.

Specialties: The city has a lot to offer when it comes to shopping and is fast becoming a favourite shopping destination. It is known not only for its traditional doll-making and textiles and silks but is also the birthplace of several world class brands in leather, pottery, aromatics, fashion and handmade paper of superb quality.

Fete De Puducherry (Festival of Puducherry) is a cultural pageant, coincide with Independence Day. Government of Puducherry organize the fete features free evening cultural presentation in various places of Puducherry. In Chitrai kalai Vizha -(Summer Festival) during Mar-April, a wide array of Indian Classical music and dances are organized in various places of Puducherry.

Weather: The climate is generally humid as it is located in the coastal areas of South India. The climate is mostly warm and plain cottons or cotton/synthetic blends are the most practical and the coolest in summer. The time of monsoons is crucial. People watch the “setting in” or “onset” and the “withdrawal” of the monsoon with great interest.

 Panchagani Honeymoon 

Top honeymoon locations in India - Panchgani

For honey-mooners and tourists looking for breath taking and panoramic view of ever green lush landscape, lakes and waterfalls, hill station with fresh and unpolluted environment, excellent climate, wonderful sight seeing points and a laid back yet invigorating place to unwind and chill out, PANCHGANI is the place to be in. You can not but like this place with its natural beauty and peaceful environment. People here are friendly and ever accommodating and there are plenty of options for boarding and accommodation suiting one and all. So pack your bags and start on the journey to this mind freshening place.

By Air: The airport at Pune is nearest to Panchgani at a distance of around 100 kms. you can hire a cab to enjoy the place at its natural best. Road & Rail: Pune is a popular railway station for tourists to Panchgani at a distance of 98 km from Panchgani. Panchgani is well linked with Mumbai and Pune through road. You can take the route from Mumbai to Panchgani via Mahad which is 200 kms. Alternatively Mumbai to Pune is 180 kms & further Pune to Panchgani is 100 kms. However the route via Pune through expressway is also a tourist delight and it is ideal to book a taxi/take your own vehicle via this route to enjoy its full beauty.

Accommodation is available in plenty in the hill station of Panchgani. Resort run by the Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation is one of the many better accommodation options at Panchgani. Plenty of private hotels and resorts are also available. The place is usually abuzz with tourists flocking during seasons (from October to February) and it is advisable to do an advance booking. Heavy discounts are also available during off seasons. Beautiful thing about the place is that even during off seasons, the climate is not extreme so you can enjoy the place any time during the year.

Sydney Point- This point is situated on a small hillock facing the Krishna Valley and the view is wonderful. Table Land- Situated around 60 mts high, this flat plateau offers breathtaking view of the landscape. Parsi Point- is another point offering breath taking and panoramic view of the entire Krishna vally. Dhom Dam- Dhom Dam water sports is one more amazing attraction for tourists which is 21 kms away from Panchgani. A beautiful boating spot. One can enjoy with Scooter boats and Speed boats. Sporting in Krishna river stream with the beautiful natural surrounding is a wonderful experience in itself. Rajapuri Caves About 10 km from the town, the caves have ancient temple of Lord Karthikeya. Wonderful and serene place to be in. On route to Mahabaleshwar from Panch

Panchgani is a tourist’s delight and honeymooners paradise. Incidentally the place is also known for highest number of boarding schools offering world class education in India. The place with its natural beauty which is available in abundance and its popular bazaar, offering various traditional items as well as natural juices and strawberries deeply touches every visitor, imploring to come again and again. 


 Shillong Honeymoon 

Best honeymoon locations in India - Shillong


This beautiful city is called “Scotland of the East” due to its prominent similarity with the Scottish highlands. This romantic city has always been a prime tourist destination in the northeast. Shillong’s rising and falling terrain, cradle of the tall pine conifers and pineapple shrubs, are a constant source of attraction for tourists from both home and abroad.

Places to visit: The place is full of waterfalls, hills, lakes, Museums and churches which mark the beauty and wealth of this place. Where the Spread Eagle Falls is a famous picnic spot, the Sweet Falls is the most beautiful of all the waterfalls lying about 5 km from the Happy Valley and about 96 m in height. The Elephant Gait and the Elephant Falls are beautiful sights especially in the rainy season and are favorite picnic spots. Shillong Peak, the highest point of Shillong, is located 5 km to the south of the city and is 1961 meters (6,433 feet) in altitude and is often surrounded with fog. The peak itself is not steep, but rather semi-circular like that of a crown placed on the flat and extensive top of the Shillong Hill. The Ward Lake, an important tourist site is a horseshoe-shaped artificial lake abounds in fish and feeding the fish from the bridge is a favorite pastime of the tourists. The lake has a charming winding walk-a-way in the midst of rolling flowerbeds and fairyland lighting with gradually undulating grounds. In the State Museum, visitors can catch a glimpse of the heritage and lifestyle of the Khasi tribe here. The Botanical Garden near Ward Lake has secluded but captivating spot with plethora of indigenous and exotic plants and is located just below the Ward's Lake. The most beautiful church is that of the Cathedral of Mary Help of Christians.

Other attractions: Cherrapunjee (56 km) is situated in one of the rainiest rain-belt in the world, 1,300 m above sea level, this lovely town is famous for its limestone caves and orange honey and is a centre of Khasi culture and literature. Mausynram (another village nearby) are reputed to be the wettest places in the world. Sohpetbneng Peak 1,343 m (20 km) regarded as sacred, is set amidst a beautiful scenic view against the backdrop of a sacred forest to those who seek and desire solace and peace of mind. Umiam Lake (17 km) offers water sports facilities including sailing, water skiing, water scooter The Orchid Lake Resort and the adjacent Lum Nehru Park is an ideal quiet holiday resort. Elephant Falls 12 km on the outskirts of the city, the mountain stream descends through two successive falls set in dells of fern covered rocks. In Nartiang (65 km) there is a park of megaliths, some of which are as high as 8 m. En route Nartiang, 64 km from Shillong, is the small lake of Thadlaskein. It is a beautiful picnic spot. At 64kms from Shillong is Jakrem, a popular health resort having hot springs of sulfur water, believed to have curative medicinal properties.

Access: The nearest airport and railhead is Guwahati in Assam. Both Deluxe and ordinary bus services are available. The Guwahati–Shillong Road connects the two cities. Pineapple plantations and pine trees on both sides line the road makes the journey all the more memorable. There are frequent buses to Guwahati.

Other specialties: Many festivals are organized here throughout the year. The main shopping areas are Police Bazaar, Bara Bazaar and Laitumukhrah. There are shops selling finely woven baskets of all sizes. For hand-woven shawls, handicrafts, orange flower honey and cane work, one can visit the various emporia like Meghalaya Handicrafts, Khadi Gramodyog and Purbashree.

 Shimla Honeymoon 

Top honeymoon locations in India - Shimla

Shimla:, the capital of Himachal Pradesh, is one of the most popular hill stations in northern India throughout the year because of its healthy climate, easy accessibility and numerous attractions. The place is ideal for honeymooners with its breathtaking scenic beauty, excellent hotels and facilities and great places of interest. One can derive pleasure by simply taking serene walks on terraced hillsides, through valley of flowers, cultivations, magnificently dense forests of oak, pine, fur and rhododendron, enjoying splendid views of show-clad ranges of the Himalayas, golfing and skiing or simply staying indoors enjoying the beautiful climate offered by the place.

Major attractions:
Enriched with various places of interest, one can never forget the experience being here. Must visits include malls having excellent shopping avenues, bars and restaurants, clubs and tourist offices. The place is abuzz with activity and fervor through out the day. Ridge, which is a large open space in the heart of town, presents excellent views of the mountain ranges. Lakkar Bazaar is highly popular for its wood crafts and souvenirs, Jakhoo Hill is the city’s highest peak and a vantage point giving breathtaking view of entire Shimla and of Himalayas. St. Michael's Cathedral is dressed-stone church with fine stained glass and a cruciform design. It is located just off the Mall, below the District Courts. State Museum, houses the representative collection of Himachal Pradesh's rich heritage. Exhibits include archaeological artifacts, carvings, paintings and sculptures. The Glen is a thickly wooded ravine through which a stream flows. It is a popular picnic spot. For devotes ones, Sankat Mochan temple is the ideal place worth visiting.

Nearby attractions:
While visiting Shimla, the places worth visiting around Shimla include Bihargaon (4 km) which is approached either past the cemetery below St. Edward's School, or through Tutikandi. This village has splendid example of traditional Himachali architecture. Prospect Hill and Kamna Devi (6km) are at 2125 m and crowned by a temple dedicated to Kamna Devi. The hill offers spectacular views of the area. Kufri, which is around 16 Kms. away from Shimla provides excellent opportunities for skiing. Naldhera, around 23 kms. from Shimla is an excellent tourist spot, having a golf course and beautiful vegetation.

How to get there:
Shimla is well connected by road, air as well as train network from major centres. The airport is situated at Jubbar-hatti, 23 km away. Shimla is connected to Kalka by an enchanting narrow gauge railway line (90kms) which in turn is connected to the major cities in India. Regular bus services connect Shimla with Chandigarh 117 kms, Kullu 220 kms, Manali 260 kms, Delhi 343 kms, Mandi 150 kms, Pathankot 380 kms, Ambala 151 kms, Dehradun 240 kms. From Delhi, the driving time is about eight hours. From Delhi, Manali and Chandigarh, luxury coaches and taxis ply to Shimla through the picturesque route.

Specialities of Shimla:
The major specialties of this place include sporting activities and tourism attraction. The Golfing at the nine hole Golf Course at Naldhera, 23 km from Shimla is key attraction. The fish lovers can derive pleasure by fishing which is available at Rohru 110 km from Shimla and at Seema 1 km from Rohru. You can also enjoy the adventure of skiing and trekking. The skiing normally starts from the first fortnight of January and continues till Mid-March depending upon snow conditions. For trekking, the Shimla-Kinnaur region is preferred. Being a cosmopolitan place, it is ideal for people from all regions and places. Hindi and English are the languages spoken and understood by the majority. The place is also having ATMs of all the major banks as well money changers. 


 Udaipur Honeymoon

Top honeymoon locations in India - Udaipur

is a famous city of Rajasthan state, standing on the banks of lake Pichola with white marble palaces all over the place. Udaipur is one of the most romantic cities of India taking you back to a few centuries with expansive forts and palaces. pristine lakes and ancient temples. Needless to say, the most sought after destinations for the honeymoon goers. Though it is the place worth visiting throughout the year, it offers its best charms during October to March.

Udaipur city has a number of lakes which makes it Venice of the East. Unlike the harsh and warm climate of Rajasthan, the city has extremely pleasant and romantic climate, beautiful blue water in shimmering lakes, green forested hills which leave the person mesmerized by its beauty. A cruise in these lakes can send the tourists into outburst of ecstasy. The city is a shoppers’ paradise offering a vast variety of handcrafted items including dainty folk toys, brightly colored garments, hand-printed textiles, batiks, and tie & dye sarees and fabrics.

Main Attractions of Udaipur City:
Palaces in Udaipur- The world famous Lake Palace, the former residence of the royal family of Udaipur has now been converted into a marvelous and luxurious hotel and is perhaps the most lavish and expensive hotels of India. The beauty of the hotel has to be seen to be believed especially during night with all the lights and glitter.

The most renowned lakes in Udaipur - Pichola, Fateh Sagar and Udai Sagar make the city a treat to be in. a quiet evening just sitting on the banks of these lakes and holding hands would kindle the fire of love and romance all your life. Bharatiya Lok Kala Mandal: The museum is enriched with tribal and folk arts, a lavish variety of royal dresses, costumes and jewelry which would leave you spell bound with its grand opulence, unbelievably wonderful paintings of royal people. Jagdish Temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu Sahelion-ki-bari- the garden consists of vast and expansive vegetation, lawns, fountains, aromatic flowers. The City Palace-Located on a hill provides a panoramic view of the entire city and its ambience is seen to be believed. The palace is endowed with a number of balconies, pavilions, terraces, pools, corridors and hanging gardens that add to its attraction. The city in short has the right mix of things to be seen by tourists and honeymooners, which would definitely bring them closer to each other.

Excursions from the Udaipur City:
Nathdwara the world famous temple (48 km) is devoted to Lord Krishna. The place attracts visitors from all over the world Haldighati- 40 km; it is famous for historical battle that took place in 1576 AD between of Maharana Pratap and Mughal Emperor Akbar. Kumbhal Fort is a 15th century fort situated on the Aravallis ranges is the second most important fort in Rajasthan after the Chittaurgarh Fort. Another attraction is the Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary that treasures many wildlife species and vegetation. So visit to all these places is an added attraction to be in the city of Udaipur.

Mode of Transport:
Air: Airport is around 21km from the city. It is well connected with domestic flights to all the major cities of India- Delhi, Jodhpur, Jaipur, Aurangabad and Mumbai. Rail: Trains from Mumbai via Ahmedabad connect to the city. Trains from Delhi to Chittorgarh connect Udaipur. The luxurious train Palace on Wheels also include Udaipur in its itinerary and if you can afford it than don not think twice to be in it. The royal treatment received would make you feel like a Maharaja. Road: Deluxe and semi deluxe buses are operated between Delhi, Ahmedabad, Jaipur etc. to Udaipur. The highways are well maintained and it takes around 8 hr. from Jaipur. Taxis can also be hired from Jaipur and Ahmedabad for Udaipur City. Local taxis are also available to take you in and around the city.

Special Attractions:
The entire experience of being in the city of Maharajas is a life time experience for all. Even honeymooners from abroad come to this beautiful city to spend time together Udaipur comes alive during Mewar Festival, which is celebrated in April to welcome the advent of spring. Women dress up in their best clothes and carry the images of Isar and Gangaur in a ceremonial procession. The festival culminates with an impressive firework display. So what are you waiting for? Plan your trip and you will have a life time to remember. 



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